Laser Inscription & Engraving

Laser inscription or engraving can personalize a stone or piece of jewelry — transforming something that is already special into a one-of-a-kind treasure.


EGL USA inscribes diamonds and colored diamonds using the most advanced, safest laser technology available (as illustrated in the photo above). The special cold laser process can create a wide variety of intricate, customized details.

For retail customers, a microscopic message or date can celebrate an event, or add secret, romantic significance. And a registration number can confirm individual ownership.

For wholesale customers, a company logo can provide the added luster of a valued brand identity.

As a matter of policy, EGL USA also uses laser inscriptions to provide full disclosure in identifying HPHT color treatments (“HPHT-modified”), feather- or fracture-filled clarity enhancements (“C.E.”), and lab-grown diamonds (“lab-grown”).


EGL USA engraves fine gold and platinum jewelry. Concealed areas, such as ring interiors, pendant backs and earring posts, can be customized with meaningful messages, numbers, and logos.

Laser inscription and engraving pricing is available in the EGL USA Price Schedule.

For additional information, contact EGL USA customer service at
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