Personal Appointments

The EGL USA New York laboratory is pleased to offer customers “while-you-wait” identification and evaluation services for white diamonds, colored diamonds, and colored gemstones. During this scheduled service, stones will be examined under standard secure lab conditions.

For white diamonds, EGL USA New York can also provide “while-you-watch” service. This analysis is conducted in a customer’s presence, at the lab or an approved off-site location. This service is not available for treated white diamonds, colored diamonds, colored gemstones, or pearls, due to the non-portable nature of the equipment used to evaluate them.

Please be advised that the time needed to complete a laboratory analysis will vary, depending on the particular stone and type of work requested. Please allow ample time for an appointment.

To request a quote or schedule an appointment for a personalized on- or off-site consultation, contact EGL USA customer service at 888 EGL USA4 (888 345 8724) or