Jewelry Webguard™

Consumer protection has long been a high priority in the jewelry industry, and the growth of online sales offers new challenges. EGL USA’s unique Jewelry Webguard™ service protects diamond buyers and sellers in their web-based transactions. Purchases of certified loose diamonds and colored diamonds, as well as most solitaire rings and studs are eligible for this safeguard.

If you are a consumer buying a certified diamond online, simply ask the seller to submit the stone and its report (from a select reputable laboratory) to EGL USA for verification. To expedite this process, the sender should indicate “Jewelry Webguard™” in the special instructions section of the submission form.

Upon receipt, EGL USA gemologists will examine the diamond to determine, independently, if it matches the seller’s report.

If the report is correct, EGL USA will issue a confirming Jewelry Webguard™ certificate. The lab will then insure and ship the stone, its original report, and the Jewelry Webguard™ confirmation directly to you.

In the event that the seller offers a return option, and you decide against keeping the stone, EGL USA can provide the same protection during return shipping. The lab will examine the stone to reconfirm that it is the correct item in its original condition, and deliver it back to the seller. For pricing or additional information on Jewelry Webguard™, contact EGL USA customer service at 888 EGL USA4 (888 345 8724) or