Registration & Recovery

EGL USA’s registration & recovery service is designed to provide quick action and key information — to support customers and safeguard their investments, in the unfortunate event of gem loss or theft. Inscribed, EGL USA-graded loose diamonds or colored diamonds, as well as engraved jewelry pieces, are eligible for this unique protective service.

To enroll in the service, customers must confirm that a stone or jewelry item has an EGL USA report on file and an EGL USA laser-inscribed identification number. Upon registration, this information will be permanently stored in EGL USA’s secure database.

In the future, should the original registered customer report a loss or theft to EGL USA, the support service will be initiated. The lab will serve as a trusted third party, forwarding all available identifying information, including data from the original diamond or jewelry report, to the relevant insurance company and/or local law enforcement agencies. The lab will also notify industry contacts such as gemological laboratories, auction houses, and resellers to assist recovery efforts.

For pricing or additional information on registration & recovery services, contact EGL USA customer service at 888 EGL USA4 (888 345 8724) or