Report Types & Contents

EGL USA offers expert stone and jewelry reports in a wide variety of formats designed to meet customer needs and preferences. No matter the option, each analysis reflects EGL USA’s commitment to absolute authenticity and accuracy.


Reports are available for loose diamonds, hearts & arrows diamonds, cut grade diamonds, colored diamonds, environmentally-friendly diamonds, enhanced diamonds, lab-grown diamonds, colored gemstones, environmentally-friendly colored gemstones, and pearls,
as well as most loose rough stones and polished stones mounted in jewelry.


EGL USA analyses are available in both preliminary and final form. Content — ranging from summary overviews to highly detailed gemological studies — varies by output type.

Options include:

Preliminary Results

  • Summary charts (text only) of initial findings.
  • Preliminary results are informal notices, designed to help customers determine their ultimate report needs. They are kept on file for a limited time.

Full Reports

  • Comprehensive final findings with supporting diagrams and/or photos, on full-size laminated sheets (typically 8.5” x 11”).
  • Classically formatted full reports are packaged in color-coded covers. These heavyweight card stock pieces provide easy stone identification and consumer-friendly gemological glossaries.

Mini Plot Reports

  • Key final findings, often with basic diagrams and/or photos, on compact, laminated cards (typically 4” x 3.25”).
  • Mini plot reports offer important information in a convenient mid-size format.
    They are enclosed in clear plastic covers for easy reference.

Mini Reports

  • Basic gemological summaries, usually with photos, on laminated cards in passport,
    credit card, or key fob sizes.
  • Mini reports are small specialty reports, ideal for use in retail displays. They are packaged in clear or colored plastic covers.



  • EGL USA reports are protected by extensive security features including intricate watermarks, holograms, signatures, and concealed elements similar to those
    used on US currency.

Deluxe Packaging

  • Faux leather or faux suede jackets are available for most report sizes, for an additional fee. These jackets may also require a minimum order and/or additional production time.

For information on these or other customized report packaging options, contact EGL USA customer service at 888 EGL USA4 (888 345 8724) or

Please note: EGL USA reports are subject to report terms & conditions.